Embody and Transform

Embody and Transform® is a process I developed primarily from a 
100 hr. Grief Yoga® Teacher Training Program developed by Paul Denniston. I adapted it to include my wisdom and expertise in working with those dealing with a Substance Use Disorder, death, loss, and/or abuse.

Paul brilliantly uses a combination of somatic movement, vocal sound, and breath to help us become aware of where pain (emotional, physical and/or spiritual) is embedded in our bodies. Especially in this country, we are taught to bury our feelings after events that hit us unexpectedly.

More and more, experts, researchers, and neuroscientists are realizing that stuffing our emotions will only lead to a wide variety of disorders. We often take drugs to deal with or numb ourselves (I certainly did it too). The beauty of this process is that there are no drug-related side effects. Is it fun to let ourselves feel the painful emotions that we have long buried? Not really, yet this process can include laughter – which really is a wonderful medicine!

Embody and Transform® Process with or without sound bath- $125 for 1 hr.
Embody and Transform® Process with Sound Bath – $175 for l ½ hr.

Compassionate Alchemy

This compassionate cycle of transformation has helped thousands move forward in their lives, freeing them to embrace life as they are meant to


Discover A Renewed Sense

Of Peace and Well-being

What Can I Offer You?

Embody & Transform®  Cycle of Compassionate Alchemy

This 8-Step Process consists of the following elements:

  • Awareness – Becoming tuned in to where deep emotions are stored and/or felt in your body.
  • Restore– Nurturing in a gentle way to help you get grounded and connected to your breath and movement with light stretching.
  • Flow– Moving to releasing pain and struggle in ways that will help wash away the hurt and connect to more loving kindness.
  • Trust– Using movement and breath to break through fear, doubt, and self-criticism to guide you to appreciate and embrace the wisdom within you.
  • Grace– Moving gently through struggle, regrets, and pain with movement and breath to heal the hurt and revitalize the heart.
  • Courage– Releasing anger, fear, and resentments in powerful ways using movement, breath, and sound to connect to your inner strength.
  • Union- Connecting movement, breath, and sound to transform painful emotions and become more connected—body, mind, and spirit, thus healing and opening yourself up to receiving and giving love.
  • Evolution– Embodying Warrior or Goddess courage to alchemize your struggle and obstacles in empowering ways to bring the process full circle and to move into surrender. ”Surrender guides us to accept what is and create the space to restore. Be willing to soften your mind, body, and spirit with compassion.” Paul Denniston.

With this powerful process—whether we are dealing with loss, trauma, abuse, and/or grief—evolution can helps us move forward in our lives. The dark times of our life are often those times when we can chose to grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The choice is always there!