What People Say:

“Her depth of knowledge, insight, sound judgement, good nature, and initiative have been important in helping me disseminate a message that drinking and driving don’t mix and in coordinating my efforts in reducing injury and death from impaired driving.” U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop

“Thank you, Joan, for a very powerful and helpful Recovery Program. It has given me a new start.” Beth

“Thanks so much for your ongoing support. The program was very useful to me and has encouraged me to change some habits…e.g., I now meditate every morning.” Catherine

Joan has over 800 hours of yoga training, including trauma-informed yoga, yoga and grief, yoga and addiction, and meditation and breath control techniques. Yoga was my lifesaver after a traumatic brain injury in 2000 and helped me on a long path of recovery.


“Thank you so very much for doing all the work you do – ALL of it! I loved the small group dynamics…it gave me the opportunity to speak up, form relationships, and learn in a new and different way.” Diane

“In the summer of 2021, I sprained my shoulder. Joni started with helping me relax my nervous system with grounding and breathing techniques. She performed Reiki on my shoulders and neck area. It was such a profound experience as I sensed emotional abd physical release. I am so grateful to be blessed by Joni’s hands. “       Michelle

“First, congratulations and kudos for finding the courage to put together this program and offer it. That took lots of guts, time, and energy and you deserve to be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. I liked the resources about the neuroscientific side of substance use disorders and found the exercises and discussions around identifying triggers and root causes for drinking very helpful. This program came at a time when the extra support,t resources, and accountability were invaluable to me.” Julie

“Joan, I loved your meeting tonight…I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best Zoom meeting I have been on since coming to Women for Sobriety meetings. You get to the base reason that we drink. You. are a natural facilitator.” Clare

“Thank you for a great meeting…you’re very inspiring…thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom…with gratitude.” Karen

“I was glad to get back to your meeting last week. I really enjoy you and the group. What a treat with your guided mindful breathing meditation last week.” Marcie

“Joan, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. Since I have joined WFS, you have become one of my rocks. Your meetings are so informative and fun! You have made a big impact on my recovery.” Benow

“Joan is an Angel of Music!” Sandra

” This class was amazing! Joan was so welcoming and accommodating to all students. She provided a background of the benefits of restorative yoga, sound healing, and what to expect. The transitions between poses were calming and never rushed. I loved all the props she used! I felt so relaxed and re-energized after this class. I will definitely be back.” Camille

“Joan was just outstanding!” Laurie

“Amazing, a weightless experience.” Megan

“Joan is a caring, sensitive, and insightful coach. She knows exactly when to encourage and when to ask deeper questions. Her style elicits new ways of looking at issues, and new strategies for coping with them. She offers honest feedback and helps clients to integrate strengths, values and purpose into their future plans and actions. Anyone who is lucky enough to find Joan will find a remarkable advocate and coach”.  Emily

“Joan has been a generous and gracious coach, and able to reflect compassion and deep understanding of my challenges, as well as show sincere belief in me and my dreams.  I really appreciate both her professional background and her rich life experience as a backdrop to her coaching perspective.  I feel lucky to have her in my contact list :)”. Montine