Transformational Life Coaching

What is It?

I approach life coaching is the process of helping you find the path between where you are now and where you see yourself being. It is about setting and achieving goals leading to a well-balanced life. I use insightful questioning and a variety of other techniques to have you acknowledge and use your own inner resources and strengths, My specialty is working with anyone going through a transition and/or trauma and helping you understand and reframe any beliefs, behaviors, and past trauma that may be getting in the way of living a fulfilled life.

This knowledge, combined with you identifying the values that drive you and setting positively framed goals around achieving something rather than avoiding something. I can offer a variety of techniques and strategies to create change and success that lasts.

Life Coaching (often combined with another modality) – Call for Price

A Positive Attitude Is A Choice

I have navigated successfully a life filled with many transitions, losses, and traumas and have a font of wisdom and experience to share.


Discover A Renewed Sense

Of Peace and Well-being

Life Coaching: What Can I Offer You?

You will benefit from my positive attitude and passion for inspiring and helping others, great listening skills, being nonjudgmental or opinionated. My intention is to compassionately and skillfully challenging any of your limiting beliefs or feelings, reading your body language and empathically “hearing” you, and communicating clearly and honestly to you. I have navigated successfully a life filled with many transitions, losses, and traumas and have a font of wisdom and experience to share.

My training combined the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, and positive psychology. Here are a few of important learnings that I realized and found the truth in:

  • Scientific studies have shown that our thoughts can directly influence physical and emotional health2. For example, studies have found that people who practice positive thinking and visualization techniques have improved immune function, lower stress levels, and better overall health outcomes.
  • The power of thoughts refers to the idea that they directly impact our emotions, actions, and ultimately, our lives.. Thoughts are energy. Though subtle and invisible, they can affect reality.. Thoughts shape our character, our character shapes our actions, and our actions shape our circumstances. We are what we think.
  • Gratitude is an emotion that reflects our deep appreciation for what we value, what brings meaning to our lives, and what makes us feel connected to ourselves and others. Brene Brown

In a nutshell, I help you define what you want in life and have a number of techniques in my Life Coaching Treasure Chest to help you live a fulfilled life.